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Your next hosting provider is in Buffalo?

August 28, 2017

Buffalo, New York is home to the famous Buffalo wings and a preferred tourist destination for those who want to take a trip to the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Little known fact: it also offers several huge benefits when it comes to hosting services. Servers are most likely not the first thing one would associate the Queen City with, and the word “cloud” probably finds more frequent use when discussing the weather, rather than ISPs. However, there is great value in choosing Buffalo as your next hosting location - and we’ll tell you all about it.

Stick around to learn more about the advantages of using hosting provider services located in Buffalo, New York, as well as the importance of working with a company in that area that offers an immaculate reputation backed by veteran experience in the industry.

A Blossoming Tech Landscape

“The City of No Illusions” is a very fitting nickname for Buffalo. As part of the Rust Belt, the city’s industrial background and economic struggles often conjured a reputation that preceded it. However, in recent times Buffalo has begun working towards a completely different, more modern image. Earlier, we posted about the Queen City’s newfound economic Renaissance, thanks to a number of initiatives and investments into the tech scene.

The reality is that Buffalo is slowly but surely moving away from what it was once perceived as - a factory town and not much else. Today, improvements to the infrastructure and the presence of immensely beneficial factors such as the 43north incubator and the Buffalo Billions fund are working hard to continue city’s economic upturn as more and more businesses find it an alluring location. The growing market hasn’t left behind hosting services, either - with plenty of providers in the area, competition is at an all-time high and the environment has never been more favorable for potential customers.

This is a massive advantage, since choosing Buffalo-located hosting services means you are deciding on an area that is developing at an extremely rapid pace across the board as far as technology is concerned - and with a clear plan for the future, further improvement is guaranteed.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Flagship Datacenter located in Downtown Buffalo

Proximity to Major Internet Hubs

There is nothing better for your business than being hosted close to global Internet centers. Buffalo, New York is very beneficial in that regard. Its proximity to bustling trade locations in both the United States and Canada provides exceptional value for hosting services. Boston, Pittsburgh, New York City, Toronto, Montreal - the list goes on. If your organization receives a good deal of traffic from any East Coast metropolis, the Queen City can be a strategic, and very advantageous, decision.

This, combined with another integral element which we will now talk about, makes Buffalo an even more appealing option as a hosting services location.

An Alternative That Saves You Money

Ensuring a premium service with a top-shelf network and infrastructure, while paramount, isn’t the only aspect of a successful business. Cost is also a main driver, and by choosing the Nickel City, you truly will be paying the equivalent of a nickel for hosting, when compared to larger areas.

It is no secret that smaller, quieter locations are very much cost-effective options when it comes to hosting services pricing. Thus, such a decision will give you most of the benefits you would get in higher priced areas, and you will be paying a fraction of the quote you would get in those locations. Of course, you will need to do some research and make sure your provider is up to the task, but more on that later.

Predictable Market, Predictable Costs

The final major advantage of Buffalo, New York as your next location for hosting services is related to market volatility, the lack thereof. The Queen City offers a stable environment, which leads to direct benefits for your organization through every step of the organizational process - after all, predictable costs make for a better evaluation and optimal use of capital.

This stability works both ways - in addition to offering plenty, it also works to prevent potential disadvantages, such as migrations and facility moves. No business likes to suffer downtime due to lengthy, last-minute logistical decisions that cannot be predicted in a shaky market. On average, you are much less likely to experience such a predicament in Buffalo.

Always Bet on Feedback and Experience

As we mentioned earlier, an important step you should take when looking for a hosting services provider in Buffalo, New York is to collect as much information as you can in order to make the right decision. As with virtually any type of service in any location, there are both good and mediocre companies in the Queen City - a competitive environment doesn’t mean everyone is up to par, unfortunately. It is imperative that your provider of choice is one with solid industry experience behind them, and one that has built their reputation on providing consistently responsive and detail-oriented technical support. Never forget that you, the customer, should always be the most important unit - therefore, opting for a Buffalo hosting company that will go above and beyond to give you the ultimate service you deserve is the goal here. Settling for less may prove to be a sub-optimal decision in the long run.

Anyone can learn to charm potential customers with “amazing” propositions, or they can hire someone to do it for them, but negative consequences only show after the fact. Poor network quality, limited options and incompetent tech support are all potential issues that carry severe implications with them. We believe that your organization shouldn’t only be valuable to you, but your hosting services provider as well, which is why at ColoCrossing we strive to be the change we want to see. Our proficiency in the industry is proven by numerous awards and positive feedback, and our experience in providing Buffalo-based hosting services allows us to make the most out of the advantages the Queen City has to offer.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Flagship Datacenter located in Downtown Buffalo

Matt Zelasko
Matt Zelasko |  

Matthew is a big fan of time travel and he is presently visiting Buffalo, NY for a while. Winter is tough but the summertime is wonderful here. Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are his mainstays, but he's been known to craft a mean email and design the odd landing page.

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