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Virtual Tour of the ColoCrossing BUF1 Datacenter

December 20, 2016

Being inside of a datacenter is a truly incredible experience. Regardless of the size, it's impressive to see such a massive amount of computing power in one room. The hum of the machines give the space an almost zen-like feel. You can imagine the amount of data coming and going.

But not everyone gets an opportunity to visit a datacenter. They're not open to the public due to the incredible amount of sensitive information inside, as well as the need for them to be treated like a clean room out of an 80s Sci-Fi movie.

Google Maps is changing this reality, however. Virtually, at least. You can now take a virtual tour of our newest datacenter in Buffalo.


Our expansion continues as well. We're currently in the early stages of building a similar facility in the same building at 325 Delaware Ave, in Downtown Buffalo. We weren't named a Deloitte Fast 500 Tech Company for nothing.

We hope you enjoy touring our facility!

Matt Zelasko
Matt Zelasko |  

Matthew is a big fan of time travel and he is presently visiting Buffalo, NY for a while. Winter is tough but the summertime is wonderful here. Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are his mainstays, but he's been known to craft a mean email and design the odd landing page.

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