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How to complete a successful datacenter migration

September 27, 2017
Datacenter, migration

Data center migrations are an arduous, multi-layered task — they require teamwork and efficiency from multiple departments of your business, as well as careful planning and execution. Above all else, the success of a data center relocation depends on the ability of an organization and its outside help (if any) to think ahead while accommodating for the present.

This article will offer a step-by-step guide with general pointers on how to guarantee the completion of a data center migration yields satisfactory results, while ensuring it works towards the main goal of said relocation.

1. Before You Start

A common characteristic for each and every data center migration is the plan behind it. There is no such thing as “too comprehensive” — after all, undergoing such a process doesn’t amount to simply moving a bunch of equipment from point A to point B. Therefore, before you get busy with managing the actual relocation, you have to ensure every single step is outlined in detail and understood by the appropriate inputs.

Here is a list of important points that must be taken into consideration during the development of your migration plan:

  • The purpose of the migration
  • Thinking ahead
  • Involve the appropriate departments
  • Don’t keep your customers in the dark

The above points all contribute towards the development of a basic framework for your data center migration plan. The actual execution, however, is often left to specialists.

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2. Acting on Your Migration Plan

Execution is just as important as planning when it comes to data center migrations. Typically, every relocations consists of four main stages:

  • Pre-Migration
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Post-Migration

Today, more and more businesses are choosing to entrust their data center migrations to dedicated providers from the get-go. There are many causes for that, including facilitation, cost-effectiveness and practicality, but the main reason is that a data center relocation simply comes with many caveats. Inexperience of the IT department’s part, lack of synergy and failure to assume adequate responsibility are all catalysts for a migration-turned-nightmare.Instead of taking a monumental risk, organizations often reach out to data centers with requests for directing the migration across all four stages. Reliable providers stand out due to their experience in the field and the possession of a particular skillset. I like to call it “the three Es” — expertise, efficiency and expeditiousness.

Not all data centers who offer managed migration as a service count with these qualities, but those that do can take a huge weight off a company’s shoulders. Of course, you will have to do some research and consult with potential candidates in order to make sure you can work well together and carry out a data center migration that will be beneficial to every stakeholder involved.

3. Completing the Migration

The outcome of a data center migration is directly related to each and every step taken beforehand. Everyone has to be on the same page, all the necessary documentation, stages, downtime information and specific requirements have to be outlined and understood, and the body responsible for the execution has to possess “the three Es”. That is, they must have the necessary expertise to carry out the migration in the most efficient manner possible, without any unnecessary or avoidable delays.

Ensuring the above conditions are met, the success of your relocation is guaranteed. While an enormous and intensive task, data center migrations are completely manageable and can be completed smoothly, provided the level of coordination and planning is there. The difficult part is getting everything to work together, and finding the right data center to assist you.

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We understand the scale of a data center migration and the importance of success in this endeavor. Our specialists will make sure the job gets done in the most suitable way for your unique business situation. Our migration services cover the whole nine yards — from off-site preparations to transport and on-site data work, we will take care of pre-move planning, documentation, packaging and transfer of your equipment to our facilities, where we will take care of reassembly and testing.

WIth our ColoCrossing services, all four critical stages of data center migration are accounted for. We will ensure that the planning, execution and, ultimately, completion of your relocation result in the outcome you're looking for. We like to see our migration services as an extension of your IT department — by partnering with us, you are bringing a new level of expertise and professionalism on board.

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