Some of the Most Exciting Tech Trends for 2017

Tech Trends

Say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017, and all the tech trends it will bring with it. Despite what people might say about 2016, it brought with it a considerable amount of technological advancements. Some of those advancements will become tech trends in the new year.

Here are just a few tech trends we’re looking forward to.

AI Search continues to grow

Google recently reported that 20% of all searches were done via virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and their own Google Assistant. For anyone that remembers the internet prior to mobile, it’s fairly easy to draw a pretty close comparison. The rise of AI Search is shaping up to the the next big development in how businesses are found on the web. Continue reading

Leaked Passwords Could Bring Down Your Entire Business

leaded passwordsOne of the biggest network security concerns that no one is talking about is the sudden influx of hacked usernames and passwords that have found their way into the black market. A survey conducted by Ofcom claims that up to 55% of all internet users reuse the same passwords over and over for most of the websites that they visit. With this in mind, a single leaked password could represent the keys to the kingdom for the majority of internet users. Continue reading

DDoS Attacks Rose Significantly in 2016

DDoS Attack

Neustar: DDoS Attacks Rose Significantly in 2016

Many analysts believe that 2016 was the year that DDoS attacks became mainstream.  In past years,  DDoS attacks were somewhat uncommon. Only large organizations had to worry about DDoS attacks and even then, these types of cyber attacks were rare.

A report by Neustar claims that DDoS attacks are becoming a more prevalent attack vector for cyber criminals. In fact, Neustar mentions that multivector DDoS attacks have risen by more than 300% over the past year. Continue reading

Virtual Tour of the ColoCrossing BUF1 Datacenter

datacenter Being inside of a datacenter is a truly incredible experience. Regardless of the size, it’s impressive to see such a massive amount of computing power in one room. The hum of the machines give the space an almost zen-like feel. You can imagine the amount of data coming and going.

But not everyone gets an opportunity to visit a datacenter. They’re not open to the public due to the incredible amount of sensitive information inside, as well as the need for them to be treated like a clean room out of an 80s Sci-Fi movie.

Google Maps is changing this reality, however. Virtually, at least. You can now take a virtual tour of our newest datacenter in Buffalo.

Our expansion continues as well. We’re currently in the early stages of building a similar facility in the same building at 325 Delaware Ave, in Downtown Buffalo. We weren’t named a Deloitte Fast 500 Tech Company for nothing.

We hope you enjoy touring our facility!

Getting Started as a Web Hosting Reseller

Web hostingThere have always been “Get Rich Quick” schemes. They almost never work.

Do you know a single person that’s gotten rich quickly? Or even easily, for that matter?

I’m guessing you haven’t. If you have, stop reading this and email me how they did it. I’d love to retire tomorrow.

We all know that getting rich typically takes a lot of hard work. Becoming a successful Web Hosting Reseller isn’t any different. It can be, however, an extremely satisfying and lucrative opportunity. Here’s what you need to know to get started: Continue reading

ColoCrossing Named to Deloitte Technology Fast 500

There are a lot of awards an organization can win, and many of them seem meaningless. Frequently, these types of business awards feel like little more than a way to sell trophies and tickets to luncheons.

3915486 TF500 NA_Stacked_PRI_RGB_YearBut there are a few that we here at ColoCrossing take very seriously, and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 is certainly one of them. We’re extremely proud to be among the fastest growing and cutting edge organizations in the world. Many of these organizations provide amazing services and products that allow us to, in turn, provide excellent services and experience such a rapid rate of growth.  Continue reading

Folding@home, or is it Folding@work? Either way, it’s a great charity.

Every now and then a business finds a perfect charity to partner with. Sometimes it’s because the goals of the business and charity align well. Sometimes it’s because a business’ core values align well with that of the charity. Usually the charities given to by a business are selected because an employee or many employees are affected by a disease or situation that that charity helps.

And sometimes it’s all of the above. Continue reading

Healthcare Industry Faces Significant Cyber Security Risks in 2017

Does the healthcare industry have a cyber security problem? In 2016, many healthcare organizations were impacted by ransomware, causing IT professionals to scramble to implement solutions.

Since healthcare organizations in the US hipaa complianceare governed by HIPAA and HITECH, it is imperative that healthcare organizations become 100% compliant in order to keep the patient’s data safe and secure. Continue reading