Avoid a Data Breach: Public vs Private Cloud

Welcome to the future. Let’s stop to think about all of the technological advances that havePhoetic - Word Cloud made our personal and professional lives easier. Prior to smartphones, the internet, and cloud computing, things moved a bit more slowly. And while some people miss the slower moving days of the past, most will admit that they wouldn’t want to live without high speed internet, email, text messaging and so on and so forth.  We truly do live in the future. It’s amazing when you stop to think about it.  But with every great leap forward and every new technological advancement, there will inevitably be new ways for people to take advantage of unsuspecting people and organizations. Yes, the dreaded data breach.  Continue reading

Solid State Drives: Should You Use SSDs in your Colocated Servers?

Enterprises that need to maximize performance from their colocated servers have begun implementing solid state drives to increase overall performance.colo1

When your servers use SSDs, your applications will likely see an increase in performance as SSDs can handle more disk I/O operations (sometimes referred to as IOPS) than traditional servers hard drives.

As a result, network administrators have begun building out their storage arrays using SSDs as a way to shorten system boot up times and reduce system bottlenecks.

One larger question remains to be answered: Are SSD’s ready for the data center?

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Does Your Organization Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

IMG_0191If your organization encounters a disaster recovery (DR) scenario, how long would it take to get your systems back up and running?

This question may haunt some IT decision makers considering the fact that many small businesses haven’t even thought about implementing a disaster recovery plan.  Nationwide Insurance recently commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a poll among 500 small business owners.

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ColoCrossing Fast Track 50 Winner


For the third consecutive year, ColoCrossing has been named a Buffalo Business First Fast Track 50 Award Winner. This special designation is provided to Western New York companies who have recorded strong annual growth. This latest award is the latest in a string of accolades ColoCrossing has received recently due to it’s notable growth and financial strength.

The entire list of Fast Track 50 companies is available on the Buffalo Business First website located at: http://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/event/136282/2016/fast-track-companies

Business First Highlights ColoCrossing’s Strong Growth

Buffalo-Business-FirstIn an article published in print and online September 2nd, Buffalo Business First, the region’s premier business focused publication highlights the strong growth, local technology leader, ColoCrossing is enjoying. You can read the full copy on the Business First website:


It always feels great to be noticed!