ColoCrossing Completes Dallas, Los Angeles & San Jose Upgrades

Through the first quarter of 2016 ColoCrossing has been focused on completing network upgrades at many of our locations throughout the United States. Previously we’ve posted about upgrades at our Buffalo NY location, where we added Telia transit, added connectivity to TORIX, and increased throughout speeds due to a network design enhancement that segregated our DDOS protection platform from the rest of our network.

(2) Redundant Juniper MX480 core routers in Dallas, TX

(2) Redundant Juniper MX480 core routers in Dallas, TX

We are big believers in Juniper at the network core/edge based on our excellent experience in Buffalo and Chicago where we have had Juniper gear installed for a few years. As a result, starting in January 2016 we began a network upgrade project at many of our other locations, including Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose and NYC/NJ. We’ve installed brand new redundant Juniper MX480 and MX960 at our edge in Dallas and Los Angeles and Juniper EX4500/4550 units at the 10GE distribution layer. We’ve also added Telia transit in both Dallas and Los Angeles to improve routing, reduce latency and increase throughput. By the end of April we’ll also be turning up XO Communications in Dallas, further increasing our capacity and network resiliency.

(2) Redundant Juniper MX960 core routers in Los Angeles, CA

(2) Redundant Juniper MX960 core routers in Los Angeles, CA

On April 18th we completed our San Jose network refresh by installing new Juniper equipment at the edge, increasing capacity and replacing older access layer equipment. All San Jose customers now enjoy 1 gbit port speeds and improved performance.

Before the end of April we are replacing our existing core equipment in NYC/NJ with new Juniper gear along with increasing network capacity. The end result of this overall network enhancement project will be complete consistency throughout the ColoCrossing network ensuring that customer experiences are exceptional across all datacenter locations.

We have even more great plans for 2016 which we look forward to sharing. At ColoCrossing we’re committed to continually enhancing the product and service because we know our customers expect the best.

Managed Service Providers Benefit From Colocated Infrastructure

datacenter_floorManaged service providers (MSPs) often utilize the services of colocated data centers to facilitate the rollout of their apps and services.

By handing off all of the critical infrastructure tasks to a team of seasoned professionals, an MSP can focus on converting leads rather than sinking significant amounts of capital into an on-site datacenter.

When your organization begins providing custom tailored solutions to businesses all around the world, you can use the infrastructure that you’ve deployed in your rack to help meet the specific needs of your clients. Whether its virtual or bare metal servers, colocation hosting helps managed service providers gain the most flexibility from their investments in technology.

Flexibility: The Key for MSPs Who Want to Gain Value

IMG_2344-X3Getting the most out of your investments in technology will play a huge role in the overall success of your endeavor as a Managed Service Provider. MSPs often specialize in a specific discipline; Some MSPs are focused on disaster recovery, while others focus on app hosting, file storage, VoIP and more.

Given this broad spectrum of potential needs, MSPs should seek out a versatile colocation partner that provides a presence anywhere in North America. Additionally, your provider should have industry recognized certifications that ensures both data privacy and industry compliance. When MSPs utilize a colocated datacenter space, they can gain tremendous value by permanently housing all of their servers, appliances and network gear within an enterprise grade datacenter ecosystem.

MSPs Should Establish a Relationship with Colocation Hosting Providers

DatacentervscolocationIn many instances, an MSP will establish relationships with different colocation providers located all throughout the world. Managed Service Providers must be able to provide unique solutions for their clients. The relationship that your business develops with a colocation provider can dictate the level of service that you can provide to your end users.

When datacenters are able to rapidly provision services, MSPs are able to provide solutions for their customers that meet or exceed their needs. Many MSPs only use colocation hosting to offer services to their customers. The reliability of colocated infrastructure tips the scale in favor of server colocation while providers such as ColoCrossing are able to guarantee 100% network availability.

Don’t Risk Your MSP’s Reputation to IaaS

amazon-outageManaged service providers can gain measurable value by gaining access to low and predictable monthly pricing offered by a colocation provider. When compared to cloud, your organizations monthly bill could heavily fluctuate, which could become more of a hindrance than a help in terms of monthly expenses related to running a managed services business.

IaaS also contains inherent risks. For example, how do you explain random cloud data center outages that have impacted services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform over the past several years?

When your business hosts its servers within a colocated data center, your MSP business can feel confident about the safety and security of the data retained by your clients.

8 Reasons to Choose ColoCrossing for Your Next Infrastructure Deployment


Nationwide ColoCrossing Presence

Extending your infrastructure using ColoCrossing’s network of colocated data centers can help your business provide core IT services to end users at a fair price.

With tech companies investing so much of their advertising budgets into promoting cloud services, it’s possible that you may have overlooked the prospect of colocating your servers in a nearby data center.

Did you know that ColoCrossing has data centers strategically located all over North America? In fact ColoCrossing offers data center colocation services in the following cities:

  • Buffalo, NY
  • New York City, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Seattle, WA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA

No matter where you decide to collocate your server, ColoCrossing has a datacenter that is within proximity of your business. Here’s a list of reasons that you should choose ColoCrossing for your next colocated server deployment:

Uptime100sla100% Network Availability: ColoCrossing’s motto is “Dedicated to Uptime.” We can’t live up to our motto unless we hire seasoned IT veterans while simultaneously investing in the best data center infrastructure available on the market today.

Location: Regardless of where your business is located, ColoCrossing has a data center with excellent connectivity to all major points of presences around the world. For example, our Los Angeles data center provides robust connectivity to the Asia-Pacific Region while our New York City data center provides excellent connectivity to Europe and abroad.

Uptime: ColoCrossing provides its customers with an unprecedented 100% network availability SLA. In fact, 3rd party vendors have verified our 100% network uptime guarantee, further bolstering our claims of being one of the top server colocation providers in all of North America. Visit our SLA page to learn more.

Compliance: Does your business require HIPAA, PCI-DSS or SAS70 Type II compliance? ColoCrossing can rapidly provide compliant services to businesses that operate within heavily regulated industries. See our industry solutions portal for additional information.

Expertise: Need to talk to a seasoned data center professional about your collocated servers? ColoCrossing can be reached by calling our toll free number (1-800-518-9716), by opening a support ticket or by clicking on our live chat link.

DSC_8653 (2)Facilities: At ColoCrossing, we can host your servers in some of the best data centers facilities in the world. Our facilities are staffed 24/7/365 and our data centers possess physical security solutions that exceed industry standards.

Redundancy: ColoCrossing datacenters have backup generators, backup network backbones and backup cooling systems in place. We proudly use vendors such as Cisco, APC, Liebert and Brocade in each of our facilities.

Affordability: Implement solutions that are custom tailored to your infrastructure at a fraction of what similar cloud solutions may cost. Not only that, your business can potentially avoid costs related to on-site data center outages by moving your servers into ColoCrossing data center.