Colocation Excels in Providing Hosted VOIP for Businesses

e5b1afc2495adca25d0fd7096d94115eBuilding and maintaining your own Voice over IP (VoIP) platform using colocated servers can help your business save on monthly telephony costs.

Operating your own PBX system is a lot less complicated than you might think. In fact, several open source solutions based on Asterisk are available for you to freely implement. If you’ve shopped around for VoIP providers, you’ve probably realized that the initial costs of providing telephony may seem quite reasonable. When you begin to look more closely at the fine print, you’ll understand how quickly these small, nominal charges can begin to rapidly add up.

Compare and Save: Deploying VoIP Using Colocation

Asterisk_Logo.svgCloud telephony products often require you to buy a seat license for each of your users on a month-to-month basis.

On top of that, if you want to enable a popular compliance feature such as call recording, these features are often billed by the minute. These services typically cost a fraction of a cent per minute to store the call. Again, this may sound reasonable, however, a few years down the road, how much would it cost your business to retain thousands of hours of call recording data?

With server colocation, you can architect a solution that sniffs all of the VoIP packets coming across your pipe and record the call data onto a storage device. Other traditional features of PBX systems can be implemented a la carte, giving organizations as much flexibility as they need versus paying for features that they may never use.

Planning Your Voice over IP Deployment w/ Server Colocation

We’re confident that you’ll instantly see the cost savings in building your own VoIP platform versus buying a solution that bills your business on a per month basis. The upfront costs of deploying VoIP infrastructure in a collocated data center may seem unnecessary, but once you do the math, you’ll understand that the “Do It Yourself” approach will provide significant cost savings over the long term.

Think about the services you’ll need to provide to your users and list them on a sheet of paper. By performing a few cursory searches on Google, you’ll realize that an open source solution likely exists for the features you’re wanting to deploy to your users.

Stop Overpaying for Unified Communications Products

Piggy_on_Money1Entire unified communication platforms such as Asterisk, Elastix and SIPFoundry are available for you to implement at no cost. If your business requires the use of a predictive dialer, software such as OSDial, GOautodial and other packages are available for your organization to use freely.

Building your VoIP system using colocation is often a better solution than deploying VoIP services onsite. When you architect your next VoIP deployment using data center colocation, consider using ColoCrossing as your exclusive data center provider. With ColoCrossing, you’ll receive 100% network availability, robust network connections that keep VoIP latency to a bare minimum and award winning support should you have any questions about your service.

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Compliance, Control & Costs are Winning Factors for Data Center Colocation

IMG_2176As the great debate between cloud and server colocation continues, we here at ColoCrossing would like to point out the inherent benefits of collocating your servers in one of our data centers. While public cloud vendors say that they can provide infrastructure on a consumption basis, what’s the true costs of implementing cloud infrastructure. Let’s examine these factors a bit more closely.

Achieve Industry Compliance “Out of the Box”

pci-dss-compliantDid you know that ColoCrossing can provide your business with infrastructure that is guaranteed to pass even the most stringent auditing processes? If your business must adhere to HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE-16 or other popular auditing methodologies, ColoCrossing can provide your organization with a compliant solution out of the box.

Our managed colocation services can provide your organization with a dedicated firewall security appliance. In addition, we can segment your network to achieve isolation between web servers, application servers and databases. Our managed backup service can geographically diversify your backup scheme, protecting your organization against data loss.

Uptime100slaExert Complete Control over Your Infrastructure

Contrary to popular belief, one size doesn’t fit all, especially in the IT world. There could be any number of reasons that you’d prefer to have complete control over your infrastructure. Some organizations may prefer to run their core line-of-business apps on bare metal servers. Others may simply want move their existing infrastructure into a facility that offers an unprecedented 100% Uptime SLA.

With cloud services, your business is at the mercy of the cloud service provider to do their job. With ColoCrossing’s colocation services, your business can choose between a managed or an unmanaged plan, giving your organization the ability to mix and match services.

Cost Control: Pay a Predictable Price Every Month

Cloud service providers will penny, nickel and dime you for every single feature that you utilize. On the surface, cloud infrastructure may appear to be a more cost-efficient method of deploying infrastructure. We challenge you to carefully scrutinize cloud services as you’ll quickly understand the true costs associated with these services. While it may sound intriguing to buy a virtual server at an hourly rate, the costs of configuring and maintaining IaaS can far exceed the costs associated with buying your own hardware and hosting it in a colocated data center near your business.

Don’t Dismiss the Value of Colocating Your Data Center

Colocation providers explicitly give your business a flat monthly rate for the services that are rendered. For some CIOs, this simplistic approach to pricing can make server colocation a more attractive option than utilizing cloud hosted services. The predictability of costs, coupled with industry recognized solutions can help you make your decision between colocation and cloud a bit easier to demystify.

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