Improved Subusers Accounts

This just in, fresh from our development team: new and improved subusers accounts. While this feature has existed in Portal for some time already, it has been totally revamped with better features and functionality for our entire user base. Existing subuser accounts will need some slight adjustments made, but this will be quick and painless (we promise!).

Going forward, we will now utilize a more flexible and useful approach to subusers. Subusers can now be either Staff or Customer accounts: Staff accounts are granted access to whole sections of our Portal system (Devices, Support, Billing, Sales, etc) through their parent account, while Customer accounts are granted access to only devices which have been specifically assigned to them. In either case, the parent account can pick and choose exactly what he/she would like to grant access to on a per-subuser basis. This provides an intuitive and functional interface for both our end users and resellers.

So, if you have subusers on your account already through our old Access List system, you will need to make appropriate Staff accounts for these users, as we will begin phasing out Access Lists. Just go to the Add Subuser dropdown link under Profile and you can get these accounts set up in no time. For resellers, its as simple as making a Customer account and assigning your customer’s devices to that account. In the future, you’ll need to make Staff accounts for anyone you’d like to have access to your Portal account. This will ensure that we can efficiently keep track of users associated with your account while giving you full control of these accounts at the same time.

Take a look at the new subusers section (View Subusers dropdown link under Profile), give it a try and let us know what you think. As always questions and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Portal – Centralized Control

We are pleased to announce support and billing, along with all existing functions are now all in one place with one login. Whether you have dedicated servers or colocation with ColoCrossing, everyone can use Portal. This migration has been quite a success, and I feel the best migrations are the ones that go unnoticed.

Our Portal software was built from the ground up by our in-house development team. This allows us to do exactly what we need to do without the frustrations found in off the shelf software most of our competitors operate. We are constantly adding and improving portal and we always welcome customer feedback, so let us have it!  Feel free to send your suggestions (and frustrations) to our development team through a support ticket, we’ll be sure that they receive it!  Doing it ourselves certainly isn’t cheap, but we feel like it’s the only way we can fully control our user experience.

New Phone System

Can you hear me now?

can you hear me now?

We’ve gone ahead and revamped our phone system.  We’ve had to waive goodbye to our beloved Frank Sinatra hold music.  The rat pack served us well for many years, but it was time for a change.  Don’t worry!  The goal is to improve the response time of our voice support and elevate it to world-class.  Now when you call in (800-518-9716), expect to receive an answer within 30 seconds.

Can your datacenter say the same?